Social Recruiting Guide: How to Find Employees on Facebook

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We can all agree that you can find everything on Facebook, especially when it comes to people for all options and situations. You can use traditional means to reach employees, however, the process is outdated and requires too much hassle and time.

For instance, if you have used a recruiting agency in the past, you have noticed that the process requires both time and money, while you may get the right employee for a specific position. Enter this site: to learn more about social employing and taking advantage of various social media platforms for reaching future staff members.

At the same time, you can take advantage of social media platforms to find relevant employees. Most business owners and HR professionals have taken advantage of LinkedIn, for instance. But it is not as popular as other options, and you will find only people who are actively searching for a particular job.

On the other hand, Facebook comes with a completely different approach, because you will have a vast number of amazing, potential employees with whom you can directly communicate and search for them even though they are not actively in need of a specific job.

In further article, we will explain to you the reasons you should use Facebook for searching, vetting, and hiring employees. At the same time, you should learn the proper means to do it, which will help you prevent finding mediocre people.

Why Should You Use Facebook for Employing New People?

The first and most crucial factor is the massiveness you will get with Facebook compared with other media. For instance, it features approximately two billion people who are actively using it, while more than a billion are using it every single day. Therefore, it is the most popular and most actively used social media platform for all ages.

It features a times higher growth rate than X or Twitter, while the engagement is two times higher, meaning other social media platforms are becoming absolute when it comes to statistics, engagement, and the number of users.

Besides, you can take advantage of the job listing feature, which is way better than LinkedIn especially if you are searching for a job. This option appears on a job tab, meaning as an employer you can enter and check out the profiles of each potential candidate. At the same time, you can list a specific job offering and wait for them to reach you.

Each new listing will show as a post on an employer’s page, while you can boost it to reach a specific and targeted audience that is most likely to apply and become your customers in the future. As a result, potential employees can easily apply by pressing a button, which will immediately launch an application that will offer an employer relevant personal info.

It is an effective, straightforward, and fast process that people wish to use. You can go to employees that are currently working, instead of searching the pool of unemployed people. The main issue with LinkedIn is that you will get social media used by people who are actively seeking a job, which is why the average time spent on it is fifteen minutes monthly.

Although it seemed like a good idea, when someone wants a job, the chances are high that they will apply. However, in the talent pool, we can differentiate casual job seekers who currently have employment but are always searching for better terms and the ability to expand.

If you wish to learn more about international recruiter association, we recommend you to enter here for additional info. We are talking about the most qualified candidates, meaning you can reach them easily.

How to Find Employees on Facebook?

1. Recruiting Ad

The most common solution is creating an appealing Facebook ad that will feature a brief description, engaging title, benefits of the job, link to the website, recruiting form, and contact info.

However, it is not about ads, but ads targeting that will allow you to reach the audience that fits your job position. At the same time, you can adjust it to market your location, which will allow you to narrow your search and avoid reaching people who are outside your area.

Besides, you can think about demographics, meaning targeting the audience by experience levels, age groups, qualifications, education, and past jobs, and narrow the search to a few best options, instead of a large pool of mediocre candidates. You can find a wide array of social recruiting agencies that will manage this process on your behalf.

2. Social Group

You can take advantage of numerous social pages and groups that will help you boost your business presence and overall awareness and post content that will bring you more potential candidates. Although groups will bring you a wide net of people, you can join or create a specific group that will feature people from a single industry niche.

That way, you can target them without going to large groups, with millions of people who do not understand the things your company does. For instance, if you need engineers, you should search the term and find a group with qualified and professional career engineers discussing several topics regarding the niche they are familiar with.

The same thing works for other groups of skilled professionals such as technicians, web designers, writers, programmers, and other specific jobs. The main idea is to engage in their discussion, gain trust, and in time, you can search for an employee.

3. Video Content

The best and most effective way to reach people is through Facebook videos. Facebook, as well as other social media pages has emphasized video in the last few years, meaning they are the most watched, and most shareable, while you can implement an auto-play feature while scrolling, which will directly engage you with it.

The main idea is to keep it short and engaging. It is way better to create a few of them with a one-minute time mark than to create one that lasts ten minutes. That way, you can use other video-sharing platforms such as Instagram and TikTok to reach more people than before.